Rototec » Rototec continues its growth journey in Sweden by acquiring Stures Brunnsborrningar AB

Rototec continues its growth journey in Sweden by acquiring Stures Brunnsborrningar AB

Press release 23 November 2018

Rototec Group, the European market leader in geoenergy, continues its strong growth in the Swedish market by acquiring Stures Brunnsborrningar AB. The acquisition was carried out on 23 November 2018.

”Stures is a company with a long history and vast experience in geoenergy. Stures and Rototec have great synergies, which will make us stronger together in large geoenergy projects. Jonas has walked in his father Bo Jansson’s footsteps since his childhood and has built up a huge knowledge base in geoenergy, which we value highly. We welcome the whole team into the Rototec family”, explains Mikko Ojanne, Vice President in Rototec Group with operations in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

”Rototec is a financially strong company and believes in geoenergy. The company has a young driven team and an entrepreneurial spirit that I like. I have followed Rototec closely for many years. Their strong growth in the Nordics shows that they have a winning concept – a concept that I believe in. Together we can build something even better. After the merger with Rototec we will continue to deliver high quality and reliable service to both existing and new customers.”, tells the CEO of Stures, Jonas Jansson.

Ever bigger geoenergy projects have become more and more common in the Nordics in recent years. In particular, projects like hospitals, office buildings, schools, apartment blocks and industrial properties, with big needs for both heating and cooling, have become more common. The geology in the Nordics is also good for energy storage. Energy companies have expressed their interest in collaborating with Rototec.

”Thanks to our large fleet and our unique competence we can deliver complex geoenergy solutions within cooling, heating and energy storage to all our customers in the Nordics. The demand for our consulting services has increased steadily, as geoenergy fields have become bigger and more complex”, explains Mikko Ojanne.

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Vice President, Rototec Group
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Rototec is Europe’s biggest supplier of geoenergy solutions and a driven innovator. Geoenergy is renewable energy from the ground and can be used for heating and cooling properties in all sizes. Rototec’s services cover the whole process around geoenergy systems – everything from consultation to installation. The company was founded in 2007 and has operations in the Nordic countries. The turnover was 42.5 million euros in 2017.